Have you selected a truck or truck equipment, but you lack the cash? Our financial specialist will prepare and offer financing tailored to your needs. Regardless of whether it is leasing or a loan, he will naturally choose the best leasing company for you. We can arrange advantageous conditions for everybody, for example we can arrange vehicle purchases for entrepreneurs starting out with a 30% down-payment, and arranging a loan or leasing for Slovakia is no problem.

There are no leasing and loan companies on the market in the area of utility vehicles and trucks that we do not cooperate with. We are thus able to arrange the necessary financing with them. Truck Centre Praha s.r.o. is one of the few companies that is an authorized dealer of the following leasing companies:


Natural person - entrepreneur

  • trading license or license deed
  • certificate of registration
  • tax return
  • ID card and driver’s license

Legal entity

  • extract from the commercial register
  • certificate of registration
  • tax return + balance sheet and income statement
  • executive officer’s ID card and driver’s license